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 The Slovácko Pub 

A Bit of History

Our pub was originally established in 1416. It housed the first slivovitz (Damson plum brandy) and borovička (juniper brandy) distillery, which produced brandies and liquors. The distillery owners Antonín Holub and his son exported alcohol not only to the imperial court, but also to Great Britain. We are keen on history and traditions, we are proud of our region, and that is why we are trying to rediscover the essence of the Moravian Slovaks’ soul, and bring at least a small taste of folklore to our Slovácko Pub, be it through the interior decorations or through the menu.

At the moment, The Slovácko Pub, including the garden, can seat up to 180 guests. It offers traditional cuisine of the Slovácko region.

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Choose from our Slovacko cuisine


  • Cracling spread with bread and onion (Tastets and aromas of Slovacko cuisine)      50g      49Kč
  • Potato pancakes with sauerkraut                                           3pc      59Kč
  • A selection of pickled cheeses from Slovacko with mixed breads                    70g      79Kč


  • Slovacko cabbage soup with mushrooms and beans (Tastes of aromas of Slovacko cuisine)      0,3l       30Kč
  • Chicken broth with meat and home-made noodles                       0,3l       30Kč
  • Soup of the day                                                               0,3l       25Kč

 Traditional main dishes

  • Pierogi filled with sheep cheese, served with bacon, onion and sour creme                  139Kč
  • Roasted pork with cabbage and potato dumplings                                              150g       139Kč
  • Dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon                                                    350g      119Kč
  • Smoked pork with blackhorn sauce and potato dumplings (Tastes and aromas of Slovacko)          150g      129Kč
  • "Cmunda po Kaplicku" (Fried potato pancake with meat filling) (Tastes and aromas of Slovacko)            250g      119Kč


  • Pancakes with cranberries, sugar and sour creme (Tastes and aromas of Slovacko cuisine)     3pc    79Kč
  • Cake of the day                                                            200g    59Kč


  • Home-made samolina pudding with sugar, cinnamon and butter                  250g      79Kč
  • Fried chicken schnitzel with boiled potatoes                                 100g      79Kč
  • Noodles with cottage cheese, sugar and butter                    200g      69Kč


  • Mixed vegetable salad with chicken, salad dressing and baguette              350g     129Kč
  • Beetroot with melted goat cheese, vegetables and olive oil                             350g    129Kč


  • "Šumajstr" (a mixture of groats, beans, smoked meatand garlic) (Tastes and aromas of Slovacko cuisine)       350g      89Kč
  • Pork ribs marinated in honey and black pepper, served with mustard, horseradish and bread                   350g        149Kč
  • Grilled pork knuckle with mustard, horseradish and bread                                           cca 1kg      229Kč
  • Pork fillet with grilled onion and home-made hot sauce                                              200g    169Kč
  • Chicken fillet with basil                                                                    200g       149Kč
  • Spicy pork, liver and chicken bowl with sautéed vegetables                                            200g      169Kč
  • Wild boar gulash with potato dumplings and onion                                                 150g    179Kč
  • Sirloin steak with mushrooms and creme                                                        200g     259Kč
  • Sirloin steak with bacon and fried egg                                                        200g     259Kč

 About Moravian Slovakia 

Our Region

Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia) is famous for its beautiful, resplendent folk costumes, its typical architecture which can still be seen throughout the region, its adherence to traditions, the hospitality of the locals, a hearty cuisine, traditional crafts, and, last but not least, the typical Slovácko dialect, which is spoken especially by the members of the older generation. Moravian Slovakia’s network of picturesque cycling paths offers both, more challenging routes as well as flatter paths suitable for parents with young children.

The Slovácko Pub is surrounded by a beautiful, stylish garden which seats up to 100 guests, and includes a children’s playground with a slide, playhouse, sandpit and swings. A garden with a waterfall can be used for pig roasts or barbecues. If you are planning a wedding in Moravian Slovakia, you have to hold it at The Slovácko Pub! :-) The Slovácko Pub also includes a smoking lounge—the stylish Gamekeeper’s Salon.

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Monday to Thursday: 10:30 - 21:00

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